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Internet Marketing Dictionary

Internet Marketing Dictionary words, concepts, abbreviations and definitions---with a lot of opinion and attitude thrown in.

Adsense---Google's affliate marketing program, in which a website owner allows Google to display context-related ads on his/her web site in return for Google's paying a small amount (usually between 5 cents and a dollar) each time a site visitor clicks on an ad on the site.

Adwords---Google's web advertising program that allows advertisers to bid on the placement of their ads on context-related web sites, according to keywords and phrases selected by the advertisers.

Affiliate marketing---Selling (or sometimes, giving away) other people's products for a commission or other fee. Example: Google Adsense.

Sometimes the affiliate's compensation is just the ability to offer a free product to help build and/or maintain your own email list, because people love freebies. The product owner then makes money on the upsell when the customer goes to his web site to download the free product.

Affiliate program---A system for getting other people to sell or give away your product for you, usually in return for a commission or fee.

Affiliates---People who sell or give away other people's products in return for a fee or commission, or in order to build or maintain their own email list.

Authoring software---Web design, video, PDF, or animation software. Examples: Dreamweaver, Nvu, Camtasia, Adobe Acrobat, Flash.

Autoresponder---A service that captures email subscriber information, stores it, and can be set to send out email messages, ezines, online courses, reminders, receipts, and sales letters at prearranged dates and times.

Bandwidth---The amount of data that can be transmitted in a second. It determines the "speed" of internet connections and the amount of traffic you can have in a given amount of time on a web site. Too slow a connection means you can't watch video on line at normal speed (or at all, in some cases). Bandwidth determine how long it takes to download large files.

Bandwidth can also refer to the number of web visitors or the number of gigabytes of files transferred to and from a web site in a period, such as one month. Some web hosts charge high penalties for exceeding a set amount of bandwidth in a month. company that hosts blogs for free. Owned by Google, it allows you to put Adsense ads on your blog for a share of the ad revenue.



Cafe Press

Cascading Style Sheet


Click-through rate---The percentage of times that an ad on a web page or web site is clicked on, compared to the number of times the page is viewed by visitors. Example: If an ad is viewed 1000 times, and 50 people click on it, the click-through rate is 5 percent.

Copyright---The right of the originator of a work of art or writing to prevent or control copying. Example, an author owns the copyright to a story as soon as it is written and can either sell or license the copyright to a publisher.

Copywriting---Advertising-style writing that is designed to sell a produt or service or persuade the intended audience to do (or not do) something.


CSS---Cascading Style Sheet

CTR---Click-Through Rate.

DNS---Domain Name Server.


Domain redirect

Domain Registrar







Joint venture



Keyword---A word or phrase used (or likely to be used) in doing a search on a search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

Link cloaking---

Long tail---The keywords or phrases that are less often used in searching. Though a tiny fraction of the millions of searches made on a topic, they may stll be popular enough to provide a lot of customers without much competition from other advertisers or online marketers. So it may be cheaper to advertise to them with pay-per-click ads, and a web site that targets them may be able to rank near the top of the search results much more easily.

Membership site


Organic SEO

PayPal---A secure on-line payment service that allows customers to pay for products and services instantly without revealing credit information to sellers.

PDF---Portable Document Format, a file type that can be read by anyone who as the free Adobe Reader program installed on their computer. The best file format for ebooks, because the same file can be read by computers running Windows, Mac OS or UNIX.

PHP---A popular scripting language used in sophisticated web design.

PLR---Private label rights.

Private label rights---The right to repackage a product with your own brand and resell it as your own product.

Resell rights (or resale rights)---The right to resell a purchased product to others and keep all the profits from the sales.

Scripts--Small computer programs (from a few to many lines of code) that can be linked to or inserted in Web pages to add functions that are not supported by HTML, such as opt-in list registration.

Search engine---Google, Yahoo, and other web sites where people conduct searches on the Internet. Technically the search engine is the underlying computer program that does the search.

Search engine optimization---Strategies that help a web site rank as high as possible in search engine results. Organic search engine optimization us writing, designing and developing the site to rank well. Off-page optimization is doing things outside the site itself to cause it to rank well. For example, getting other wel-ranked sites in its category to link to it.

SEO---Search engine optimization

Social bookmarking


Super affiliate




Viral marketing

Web 2.0

Web host

Web-ready graphics



[Many, many more Internet Marketing terms and definitions are coming soon.]

Please let us know what other terms and concepts you would like to see defined here.

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