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Resist the IM Hype

I know it's hard, but to be successful you've got to resist the IM hype. Otherwise, you will spend a fortune on junk and never get anything done. (I speak from experience).

And all those money-back guarantees? Don't count on it unless the product is purchased through a company like Clickbank, which guarantees refunds. Even if the guarantee is good, the chances are good that you will forget to ask for a refund in time to qualify.

Don't assume that just because someone is highly regarded for selling a lot of products that he will make good on service or refunds. Some will. Some won't.

Generally they are fairly honest, because they care about their reputation. However, not everyone who is a super salesman has a good support system. The technical expertise doesn't always match the intent.

So my advice is don't just jump into purchasing an expensive IM product. Don't be intimidated by artificial deadlines.

Read reviews. Read between the lines. Check around and see if something similar is available at a reasonable price elsewhere. Very often it is, and it may even be better than the newest miracle product.

No Magic Secrets for Sale

The truth is that few people have any kind of magic IM secret. There are too many people who have worked for years in online marketing for there to be many secrets left.

And anyone who as a truly revolutionary secret that "makes millions on autopilot" isn't going to sell it to the rest of us--not for $27 or $97 or $1097. Would you? Of course, not.

Some IM Products Are Fairly Useless

Some of the most over-hyped packages are fairly useless, in my experience. Others have limited usefulness, but only for certain people. 

That is, some products might offer a tip or two that would be worthwhile for an experienced and successful marketer, for whom a tiny increase in efficiency could be worth thousands of dollars a week. Yet they may be too advanced or too specialized to be a good value for most of us.

I will talk some about those limited-value products in the Product Reviews area and (more candidly) on the Market Plan HQ blog. 

There Are a Few Great Products

There are a few good people selling practical, down-to-earth packages at reasonable prices that can really help. No package that I've found so far is perfect, but there are a few are darn close. They are well worth the money and can save you weeks of research and frustration. 

There are also some specialized products and reports that are so good, and so inexpensive, that they are well worth buying if they cover topics that you need.

Nothing will help you, though, if it is not what you need. Why waste money? That's why you need to make a marketing plan before you start buying things.

If you are not sure what you need to know in order to make a plan, this site can help.

How to Resist the Hype

The best way to resist Internet marketing hype is to figure out your own strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and play to them. Do what you do best. Do what you enjoy. 

There's enough of a learning curve as it is. This is hard work that involves a lot of work, research, study to get up to speed.

Whatever you decide to start with will probably be hard work--at least till you learn what you need to and get your system set up. If you try to excel at things you dislike, you'll make it much, much harder on yourself.

Once you know where you want to start, it's easier to ignore most of the hype. To get started, see Start Where You Are.

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