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Making an IM Plan

Before making---or selecting---an Internet marketing plan, you should have already read and worked with the information in Resist the IM Hype and Start Where You Are.

Since not everyone has the same strategy or level of experience, we all need different plans. After assessing your existing Internet marketing skills and abilities, and deciding where your strengths are, you're ready to make a plan.

How to Choose the Type of Plan

This section will describe different types of Internet marketing plans and the skills needed to make them work. That can help you decide what kind of plan you want to start with. If you run across an unfamiliar term, look it up in the Marketing Dictionary.

Remember this: If you have a plan and use it, you can always change your plans. If you have no plan, you will probably go nowhere fast.

No Web Site--Sell Other People's Products

There are several good web sites where you can sign upto sell products for a cut of the sales price. See IM Resources for links to several sites. In signing up, you will create a unique affiliate ID that you use to get paid.

For each product that you sign up to sell, you are given a piece of code, a unique web address to put in your ads (or on a web site if you have one). That's called an affiliate link.

When someone buys a product after clicking on your link, in an ad or article that you have placed, you get paid.

No Web Site--Create Your Own Products

For example, if a particular type of plan relies heavily on web design and scripts, and you've never developed a web site, you have a choice. You'll need to either allow time to learn a lot of new skills, or budget time and money to have someone else do it.

You might do better to start out with a different plan that you are already prepared for. That way you get results sooner, get profitable more easily, and build your confidence for the next venture.

For example, you write an ebook on a popular topic and either set up an affliate program to let others sell it for you through Paydotcom, Clickbank, or other affilate organizations.

Or you can sell your product yourself by placing ads on Google, eBay, or elsewhere. Or you can do a combination of things to sell your ebook.

Free Blog--Sell Products

Quite a few sites offer free blogs, or other similar web pages, where you can sell products for yourself or others. With some you must be careful. Others, like Squidoo, welcome businesses.

Free Blog--Get Paid for Advertising

Some blog sites, such as Blogger, make it easy to add Goggle ads to your blog and make money when people click on them. For a list, see IM Resources.

Prebuilt Web Site

There are several ways, besides using a blog, that you can have a web site without actually building one. Each has pros and cons.

In some cases the web site is "free" if you subscribe to a monthly service. All subscribers recieve the same web site, though you may be able to customize it. Generally these are not a good idea. You pay mone, have little control, and have no guarantee of making money (despite hype to the contrary).

Other web sites are similar, except that you have to find a host and install the site yourself.

Probably the best compromise in this area is to get a web-hosting service that provides premade sites that you fill in with content. It's still a lot of work, and I never like the templates they offer, but it can be the fastest way to get started.

Custom-Built Web Site

The ideal web site is one that you have designed to your specifcations and built by someone else. But you can build your own, if you are willing to learn how. It does take time, though, when you could otherwise be making money.

A nice variation of the custom web site is to set up, or have someone set up for you, a Wordpress blog on your own domain and web site. It can be easy to maintain and still built to your specifications.

Putting Google ads on a Wordpress site is harder than putting them on a Blogger blog, though, so if someone is helping you, make sure they are included from the beginning.

More on plans, coming soon.

For details of planning, such as checklists, see Tips & Checklists.

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