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IM Product Reviews

Internet marketing products and services range from wonderful to downright useless. As with anything, price isn't aways a guarantee of quality.

Some of the most expensive products are so overhyped that you expect miracles. Some of the cheapest products may be overlooked because the price doesn't attract the superstar super affiliates.

Looking for Unbiased IM Reviews?

Some people are less than candid when there's a chance to make a lot of money by selling a high-priced inferior product. When you're just starting out, buying one of those can be frustrating. You're not sure whether it's really a poor product, or you just don't know enough yet to use it well.

If you have purchased a few of those highly touted products, you know what I mean. If not, I hope to provide unbiast reviews that can save you from that.

Some are expensive for a good reason and are well worth the price. But often there is a cheaper product or that would work just as well.

Autopilot Profits System

Autopilot Profits System by Ewen Chia, despite the slighly hyper name, is a great introduction to Internet marketing. It is a well written and clear ebook with links to online tools and references. And it is very thorough. It's great!

Chia actually starts at the beginning, explaining the IM terms as he goes along. Known as a top "super affiliate," he knows what he's talking about. Luckily for us, he's not only willing to share what he knows, he's a good teacher, as well.

He explains how to choose a profitable market niche to sell to, how (and where) to do keyword research, how (and where) to select affiliate products to sell, and how to sell them.

This book does not tell you how to build a web site, though he does suggest where to buy a domain name and a good web hosting service to use. (After all, web design could be a large book (or several) on its own.) He does suggest a way to get your web site done cheaply, and he explains what the site needs to include.

He also says that you don't need a web site to get started. He even explains about domain forwarding and how to do affliate link-cloaking.

Then he tells how to let people know about your product and how to get traffic to your web site. He covers short-term strategies for quick money and longer-term strategies to build your business. Along the way, he explains the use of forums, blogging, eBay, social bookmarking, articles, and much, much more.

Did I mention that he's thorough? He goes on to cover search engine optimization, writing ads and web pages that sell, He finishes up with a two-page directory of links to valuable IM tools and resources.

The package also includes a set of videos clearly showing exactly how to do the things that he recommends.

So far, this is the best introduction to Internet marketing I've found. I wish I had read it first. It would have saved me weeks of time and hundreds of dollars.

The web page says the price is scheduled to go up*, so get this right away.

Autopilot Profits System by Ewen Chia, $27.

In Internet marketing the prices often do go up, so grab it now to be safe. There's an 8-week money-back guarantee from Clickbank. They're great about refunds.

More reviews coming soon.

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